Tapping into inspiration! And re-the-opposite-of-traumatization.

How exploring nice, pleasurable, or otherwise sparkling experiences can free up inspiration in the face of problems and dilemmas.

A reflection on how exploring sparkling experiences might be similar to a re-traumatizing conversation. In a weird way:)

We are so used to think that THE way to help people deal with problems is through focusing on, and analyzing these problems. So the question is: how can exploring sparkling experiences help people move forward in the face of real problems?

So let’s look at what can happen as people explore some of their sparkling experiences.

So, becoming more capacitated to think along lines of skill, of knowledges that count, of agency, of cherished intentions, the grip that the problems are exerting on our thinking, remembering and imagining loosens.

There is more to be said about this. My guess is that conversations about sparkling experiences impact beneficially on psychological phenomena like state-dependent memory, the specificity of memory and because of this: on problem-solving capacity.

I hope you enjoyed the reflection, and that it made sense!